ForBrains WCMS Version 5-7 Released 4th February 2010

Optimised Websites

Published: 2010-02-04 at 17:05:18

Version 5.7 of the ForBrains WCMS was released on 4/2/10. Key enhancements were in the areas of: RSS feeds, Mass Emailer Analytics and Link Share Programme.

RSS files now support Google coop:keyword. The key benefit of Google coop is that subscribers to your RSS feed get to see your products and services each time they do a related Google search.

The built-in Mass Emailer now has graphical analytics. This allows you to quickly see the success of each of your email marketing campaigns.

Our Link Share Programme has been significantly improved to provide many more inbound links to all pages you want to promote. You now get much faster results with new pages typically indexed in the main search engines within hours instead of a few days.

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