2D Barcode service tops 65 million codes within 6 months of launch

2D Barcodes

Published: 2011-10-28 at 15:28:51

The use of 2D barcodes online and on printed media seems to be accelerating in the UK.

2D Barcodes

Since the launch of the free version of the Scan2Read service on 10/05/2011 the 2Dr service has produced 55 Link Ads (suitable for posting on Facebook) and now hosts over 1.75 million web pages and 112,000 documents. The service contains a free to use API and detailed analytics via a web login and fortnightly emails. It also supports automated URL shortening by programs like TweetDeck; a great way to see where your content ends up as it is retweeted from person to person. Of course the analytics tells you which profiles result in the most clicks through to your content.

"The 2Dr.eu service is really for the person at home, it doesn't replace the commercially targeted Scan2Read or Scan2Buy services. We took the decision to offer a programming interface and detailed analytics in an attempt to increase the use of 2D barcodes by the public; a strategy that seems to be working." Andrew Davies, Managing Director of ForBrains Ltd

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2D Barcodes
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