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Cardinal Number Factorisation

Cardinal Number Factorisation

Convert a number to product of primes

Any cardinal (0,1,2,3...) can be factorised into a product of primes using a process known as "factorisation" (or "factorization" in American English).

The opposite of "factorisation" is "expansion".

Factoring a cardinal is the decomposition of the number into list of prime numbers that when multiplied together create the original number. Factorising numbers is very useful when needing to work with very large numbers within a computer. Imagine having to code a computer to do high performance arithmetic with numbers >21024 while having to represent them in simple binary form!

Cardinal Number Factorisation

Lets look at an example: 24

24 can be expressed as 2x2x2x3 or 23 x 3

Below is a tool for you to factorise cardinal numbers smaller than 9007199254740992.

Enter your number to factorise!
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Cardinal Number Factorisation
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