System Consultancy

We offer system consultancy for a wide variety of industries, and have extensive experience in the following:

Software Development

  • Image recognition (machine vision) systems (measurement or inspection)
  • Artificial intelligent systems (self learning)
  • Expert systems (based on a list of rules to be obeyed)
  • Data processing engines and servers
  • Creation of mobile phone compatible websites
  • All forms of online traffic analytics (.mobi, flash, .tv)

System Development

  • All types of image recognition systems
  • Through a tour of your site, we can discreetly identify deliverable cost effective automation solutions
  • Software design, and systems integration
  • Data flow strategies, and how to achieve real-time performance
  • Data processing and result viewing solutions
  • Management of software development projects

Complete Solutions

  • You identify the requirements, we provide a solution to meet those requirements
  • Discrete consultancy service available to assess what systems could be cost effectively implemented in your business


  • Image recognition software development
  • Systems integration
  • Binary and ASCII network communications, and file formats
  • Software project management
  • Website optimisation - optimise your website for search engines

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System Consultancy
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