Flash Demo CD

Maybe you are a magazine publisher, architect, business consultant, or maybe you want to show off your range of products in a flashy direct mail campaign. If you are looking to utilise CD's or DVD's for your business give us a call.

We create CD's / DVD's that when inserted into a computer automatically run full screen flash presentations to demonstrate your products and services. A single disk can have sample reports, brocures, PDF documents and trial software. A menu system gives your client total choice between watching a video with sound, a walk-through slideshow using screenshots or a list of viewable files - whatever you want your demo CD / DVD to do, we can produce it.

We can also mass produce such demo CD's / DVD's for you.

Please call for full details of the services we offer in this sector:

Flash Demo CD

Telephone: +44 7703 184 699

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+44 7703 184 699
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Flash Demo CD
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