Mobile Phone Data Access

Your company has staff who spend a proportion of their time away from their desk. They all carry a mobile phone that gives them the ability to access data held in the office. You may not know it, but it does. That is where our consults come in. Through properly understanding your business requirements we are able to suggest ways of utilising your existing technologies to improve the way you work and greatly improve the connection your mobile staff have with your office systems.

We consult on various technologies and how to utilise them to their full potential.

We don't just do the simple stuff like accessing your diary or emails, getting your laptop computer to go online through the data connection of your mobile phone, we also write software for handsets to give your staff customised secure access into systems you have in the office.

If you have little or no idea about mobile communication technology, but like the sound of what it can do for you, call us now.
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Mobile Phone Data Access
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