Image Analysis

So you have an image capturing system, but then you manually analyse each image in ways specific to your business needs. It is time consuming and tedious for a human to do the Image Analysis, and you are thinking "is it possible these days to get a machine to do this for you?"

The answer is "YES" - if a human can analyse the image, so can a computer.

If you are analysing a few small images a week, and that is all your business requires, one of our systems will probably not be cost effective for you. If however you are looking to speed up your analysis process, reduce your staff costs while increasing your throughput, then please read on.

We have extensive expertise in Image Analysis in high performance real-time environments. Analysing 500 frames per second in real-time is nothing special for us. We have experience in the Rail, Automotive, and Horticulteral industries.

Please call to discuss your needs further, and do not be afraid to ask about an NDA, we are used to communicating with companies of all sizes.
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