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Google I'm Feeling Lucky Button

Google I'm Feeling Lucky Button

The I'm Feeling Lucky Question

We are sometimes asked:
"what can we do to bring people to our website when they click on the I'm Feeling Lucky Button?".

Our answer is simple and short:
"you have to get your website into Position 1 of the Google listings".

The next question tends to be:
"how do we do that?".

I'm Feeling Lucky Explanation

We then have to explain:
"Google is a commercial company offering a quality service to its users. They generate revenue by having people use their services. People use their services because they are simple to use, and yield good quality results each time. The only way you are going to get that precious Position 1 slot is to have the very best website in your sector".

I'm Feeling Lucky Searches

You might ask:
"how many people click the I'm Feeling Lucky Button?".

We would reply:
"only Google know the exact figures and the number of clicks will depend on the search volume for your search phrase. We believe from reading the Google search page on Wikipedia that approximately 1 in 100 searches use the I'm Feeling Lucky Button".

I'm Feeling Lucky Solution

Now getting a perfectly optimised, semantic rich website, which is W3C and Triple A compliant can be achieved very quickly - it's what we do. Building up quality references to your website from all over the Internet, and building up a very comprehensive website full of unique quality content on your subject takes much longer, hard work and commitment by yourself.

I'm Feeling Lucky Realisation

New Websites

If you have a new website and want to target a competitive search phrase you have to realise that no "flick the switch" solution exists. There are lots of rouge traders in this market eager to promise the world. You can waste a lots of money if you don't accept it takes time and a technically excellent quality site.

Existing Websites

If however you already have a well established website, but it's not optimised, not standards compliant, and contains little or no semantic data, we can very quickly get your website "fixed". You will quickly move up the search engine rankings towards that precious Position 1 slot - the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button slot.

I'm Feeling Lucky Conclusion

Regardless of where you are, fill in the form below or pick up the phone now. We will perform a quick analysis of your existing website (or sector you are looking to enter) and explain things to you at a level suitable to your Internet knowledge. We will happily send you details of everything we run through with you in writing for you to read over and consult with others.

Our Promises

  • You won't get any pressure selling from us!
  • Prior to taking your order you will have a detailed no obligation quote to compare against others providers like us.
  • We will not surprise you with any hidden charges.
  • Our quote will state recurring fees (i.e. end of year 1, end of year 2...).
  • We will be straight with you at all times. If it will take months to achieve, we will tell you so.
  • If you ask for references you will get them.

Andrew Davies
Managing Director
ForBrains Ltd

Google I'm Feeling Lucky ButtonGoogle I'm Feeling Lucky Button

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Google I'm Feeling Lucky Button
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