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February 2009

With over 175 million active users on the social networking site "Facebook" and growing, many companies (and entrepreneurs) are looking to tap into this daily port of call for people at home and at work. If you have an idea involving Facebook, and need one of the 650,000 Facebook registered developers to implement it, we are the company for you. With 52,000 applications currently registered and 140 added each day, you need our expertise to realise your ideas.
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February 2010

There are now over 400 million active users on Facebook, the social networking site. 25% of users are using their mobile device to access the website. There are over 1.5 million local business pages and over 500,000 active applications. 80,000 websites are making use of Facebook Connect that is used over 60 million times per month (that's 750 visitors to each website on average per month). If you have an idea involving Facebook, and need a Facebook registered developer to implement it, we are the company for you. You can see from the figures above that Facebook continues to be a growing website used by more and more businesses to reach the growing millions of people on a daily basis who use it for free.
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Talk to us in confidence under a NDA if you wish. We have expertise in FBML, PHP, MySQL and writing Facebook applications.

If you are looking for a Facebook developer you can trust please contact us:

Facebook Application Development

Telephone: +44 7703 184 699

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