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We write bespoke webware systems and offer consultancy services to businesses looking to utilise webware technologies to improve accessibility to information and increase their productivity.

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What is Webware?

Everybody know about "software applications" that are installed onto a computer. Such software includes: word processors, graphics editors & web browsers.

Everybody knows about the Internet and knows how to access websites. e-Commerce websites allow people to order goods and pay for them online. Social networking websites allow people to chat to people using IM technology. Search engines allow people to quickly find an answer to any question they have.

Webware is a software application that runs within a web browser.

The key advantages being:

  • No need to install software on a computer
  • Access the software anywhere with Internet access - even your mobile phone
  • You don't need a licence per computer
  • Cheaply facilitates Home Working
  • If your computer breaks, you simply use another - no downtime
  • Multiple people can access the same information at the same time - which is instantly up-to-date

Our Webware Solutions

At ForBrains we have written numerous small, medium and large webware systems for our clients looking for a web accessible solution for new and existing information systems. Webware is becoming very popular as business start to hear about the benefits, savings and increased revenue such solutions can bring. We have written large scale applications for the Catering, e-Commerce, Image Copyrighting, World Travel and Analytics sectors.

Webware Developers

All of our webware developers have years of experience developing webware. We only employ experienced developers, so you can have peace of mind that you will be provided a professional solution delivered in a timely manner and to the very highest quality standards. Every person you deal with here will be competent to answer any of your webware questions to whatever depth that interests you.

Webware Consultancy

We offer a webware consultancy service, where we understand your business requirements and where you are looking to position yourself in the future and provide you with a variety of cost effective proposals to meet your needs. At all times we weight up the benefits and cost associated with each solution to ensure each proposal makes good business sense. We pride ourselves on bringing to businesses systems that quickly cover their implementation cost, and systems that business owners and users are very impressed with.

Want to know more about Webware?

Please don't hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: +44 7703 184 699 / +370 683 77 590 (Lithuania)

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