Online Barcode Generation

1D and 2D Barcodes

Online Barcode Generation

There are many different types of 2D barcodes. Some are made from small circles, others from small squares (like pixels on your screen). "One dimensional barcodes" are actually two dimensional but contain black vertical lines making them readable by a fixed spread beam laser. One dimensional barcodes can be read with less processor cycles, but contain much less information than a two dimensional barcode. Both one and two dimensional barcodes are common place in industries; it depends on your application as to which to use.

2D Barcode Generation

Online Barcode Generation

There are many suppliers of 1D barcodes on the internet, and although we can easily generate and supply 1D barcodes we only advertise our 2D barcode generation services online. We generate the three most common 2D barcodes to contain the information you desire. We take orders of all sizes, from 1 to hundreds of millions. If you are seeking just one you can order online, most people seek a few hundred or thousand so we need to talk about automating their production, and how you would like them delivered. The price is virtually always dependant on volume as we handle most import and export formats as standard and have an online API for clients wanting to integrate with their website or existing EPOS system.

Online Barcode Generation
Our most common barcode generation services:

Please call us to discuss the generation of any 1D or 2D barcode types. We only list the most common on our website.

vCard Barcode Generation

A vCard (or Versitcard) is a standard for electionic business cards. Its a simple text string making it suitbale for use on the vast majority of mobile phone handsets.

Here at ForBrains we can take things that little bit further and make them printable. By combining mobile phone barcode reading support (that now runs on over 300 types of mobile phone handset) with the vCard format, people can now print barcode versions of their vCard.

What this means is people can simply point their mobile phone camera at your printed vCard and click "Save as Contact" on their mobile instead of having to manually type in your details.

Online Barcode Generation

If your mobile has a camera and Internet connection but no barcode reader you may be able to download one of the following free readers for your handset. Simply point your mobile web browser at:, OR

vCard 2.1 Barcode Generation

The vCard formats 2.1 and 3.0 allow much more data to be stored on the card, however this also means that the barcode size has to physically increase to carry the increase in information. This not only takes up more space to print / is harder for cameras to read, but can also easily hit the limit of what mobile phone barcode readers can handle (due to phone memory limits). Most modern mobile phones can however access the Internet, so a small barcode can be used to carry any amount of information. Scanning the following will add a contact to your mobile phone with full details of our Marketing Manager.

Online Barcode Generation

Please see our dedicated webpage for more details and prices.

We can generate Aztec Codes for your business. A code can contain up to 960 characters, but the fewer the better for fast reading
he number of requests for Data Matrix Codes is on the increase as more and more companies start to understand their true potential
We can generate QR Codes for your business. A code can contain up to 240 characters.
we are able to produce 2D Barcodes, that when viewed using your mobile phone's built in camera, results in all the contact details being passed directly to your handset - no need to enter the details by hand using the tiny keypad and then check
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