Money Saving Software Case Studies

The following case-studies, company and human names used below are fictional, and are linked in no way to any real-life character or company.

Timesheet Automation Case Study

TimesRUs is a company which employs 1750 staff across 4 different sectors, and has a total of 36 different departments. The company employed a total of 85 admin staff, half of which spend two days a week entering timesheet information into the companies project management and accounting system. Each week every employee completes a timesheet using a spreadsheet package, and emails it to their admin team. They dont all get completed at the same time, and some are completed late. The admin staff have to look at the spreadsheet timesheet and copy over the time spent on each project to the project management software, a task that takes typically 5 minutes per timesheet. Across the entire company 8750 minutes per week (146 hours or 19.7 man-days) is spent coping information from one form to another. Now having each person submit their timesheet in spreadsheet form is fine, it allows the staff to do it on the move freeing their time to do the important specialised stuff they do, and needing the information in the project management and accounting software is a sensible requirement to. We at ForBrains did not expect TimesRUs to have to change any of this, one piece of our software was simply installed on a single PC, it read all the timesheet emails and copied the data over into the other package. What's more, the project managers no longer had to wait for the admin staff to enter the information, it was their shortly after each timesheet email was sent, allowing them to keep better track of their project's budget.


TimesRUs saved money by using our software to simply save those ~20 man-days each week; that was 4 staff each on approximately £10,000 per year, thats £40,000 per year they are now saving.

Job Prioritisation and Job Scheduling

OnlineWebDesign Ltd are a small successfull web design company, thriving in the current climate. They have gone from 4 employees to 30 in the space of 12 months. This has brought with it various challenges, one major one being resource management. There are various jobs that take just a few minutes to complete, other take a number of days. To maximise the output of your staff they need to have scope of the jobs you have in the pipe-line, so that when their main project gets put on hold waiting for the client, they can pick up a job of suitable size and priority. Our Job Prioritisation and Scheduling systems are all online. The key benefit being that home workers, office workers, and staff on the road (using their mobile phones) can all access the same live job list. Everyone with access can see the progress and current status of each job, allowing your staff to automatically unite and work through jobs seemlessly, without the need to interrupt their manager.

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Money Saving Software Case Studies
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