A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily change the content of your publications yourself no matter how complicated the system the content sits within.
The ForBrains online school meal ordering system is believed to be the first of its kind capable of handling sickness
Our online image comparison engine, LogoChecker, compares two images to see if they are identical
Online Image Watermarking Software
Parent Track allows parents to give their children the ability to track them, and find them easily in the real world
Our online identity protection crawling software, IdentityProtector, scans the internet for your brand names, company logo, and product images
Fast Mobile Phone Buying
EPOS handheld scanners, ticket barriers, even over 300 mobile phone handsets now read 2D barcodes
keeps track of visitors to your website using their mobile phone, but also delivers extensive statistics to your mobile phone about the performance of your website
If you have special analytics requirements that other providers do not provide then you will be interested in our analytics packages
How long could it be before you notice your website is offline?. How many lost sales or potential customers could you send away without even knowing?
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