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Introduction to WCMS

WCMS | Web Content Management System (WCMS)Our WCMS solutions have been under active development since 2005. Our WCMS platform has been entirely written in-house, and has evolved to encompass the latest online technologies.

What is WCMS?

A Web Content Management System (WCM, WCMS or Web CMS) is Content Management System (CMS) software, implemented as a Web Application (sometimes called Webware), for creating and managing HTML content.

Unlike website building software you install on your PC, a WCMS allows non-technical users to make changes to a website with little training. A WCMS typically requires an experienced coder to set up and add functionality but is primarily a website maintenance tool for non-technical administrators.

What is an Optimised WCMS?

WCMS | Web Content Management System (WCMS)An Optimised WCMS system is one where the SEO specialists regularly update the core of the system so that all webpages outputted are up-to-date with the latest web standards and fully optimised to achieve high natural rankings in the search engines.

What other benefits does a WCMS bring me?

WCMS | Web Content Management System (WCMS)The ForBrains WCMS is easy for anyone to use. It is designed for people who have very little knowledge of the Internet and webpages. Our youngest user was born in 2004, our eldest 1918. Our system is used by people and businesses across most professions. We have personal trainers, builders, care workers as well as a range of web based businesses.

What does an Optimised Website do?

WCMS | Web Content Management System (WCMS)
Having "Sponsored Link" sections in search engines are the main ways search engines generate revenue. Every time such links are clicked the advert owner pays the search engine money for the privilege of receiving the visitor to their website. An Optimised WCMS outputs webpages designed to get you listed on the first page (typically 10 slots) of the search engine without having to pay these ongoing PPC or CPC costs.

You can easily and quickly change the text and images on your website. eg. your telephone number, email address, newsletters, or online enquiry forms.

Optimised WCMS & long-term web strategy

You long term web strategy for low cost, cost effective web presence you'll need an Optimised WCMS.

Our Optimised WCMS Products

For more information on our WCMS services please see these links:
WCMS | Web Content Management System (WCMS) WCMS | Web Content Management System (WCMS)

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