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Optimised WCMS

Optimised WCMSWe produce Optimised WCMS to contain our skills in website optimisation techniques to ensure that your website lists highly in the search engines without having to pay for Sponsored Links or employing an SEO specialist directly. Our Optimised WCMS ensures that your website stays optimised, W3C compliant and up to date with the latest web standards automatically without having to review all the code in your web pages every time the search engines change their methods.

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What is an Optimised WCMS?

Optimised WCMSAn Optimised Website Content Management System (WCMS) allows people with very little knowledge of web technologies to enjoy top rankings in the search engines while being able to edit website content (and add new pages) themselves. It is easy to upload images, and target specific search terms. The Optimised WCMS looks after page submission to the search engines and inserting it into the correct place of your website.

What other benefits does a WCMS bring me?

Optimised WCMSYour website will consist of one or multiple "layouts", and possibly multiple "templates". You will be able to easily change graphics and all the colours of your website easily by editing a single CSS file. We will give you full training on how to do this.

What does an Optimised Website do?

Optimised WCMS
Search engines make money by having "Sponsored Link" sections. Every time such links are clicked the advert owner pays the search engine some money for the privilege of being sent the visitor to their website. An Optimised Website gets you listed on the first page of the search engine without having to pay these Cost Per Click costs - hence saves you money and brings you more visitors.

It also allows you to quickly and easily change information that is present on multiple pages of your website. eg. your telephone number, email address, newsletters, or online enquiry forms.

Long term web strategy - Optimised WCMS

For long term cost effective web presence on the Internet you need an Optimised WCMS.

Our Optimised WCMS Services

For more information on our WCMS services please see these links:
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