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Our Head Consultant has well over 20 years professional technical and commercial experience working for, and training people in the Worlds top Blue Chip companies and some government agencies. Now based in Vilnius, Lithuania he offers technical training courses in a variety of areas for people aged 5+. Annually talking on stage at London based technical conferences and a conference speaker at E-Virus in Vilnius 2014, he is used to interacting with people across a range of disciplines and positions.

Professional qualifications include a Masters Degree in Cybernetics from the University of Reading, UK, and a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) in Mathematics. Holding an E-CRB (Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau) certificate enabling working with children and the disabled, and a license with the SIA (Security Industry Authority, UK), for 4 years he enjoyed investing 2 half days a week teaching one-on-one children aged 4 to 7. His expertise in human neurology and fundamental grasp of the eight different ways the human brain can learn, allows him to teach anyone in such a way they understand any technical subject. He loves working with those gifted with Autism or those with Downs Syndrome.

Based in Vilnius since January 2014, he is offering classes (in English language) in the Vilnius area.

If you can improve the profitability of the company that employs you then you have increased your value and can expect a possible pay rise. If you just sit back and don't show any interest in increasing profitability then you are someone being carried and cannot expect a pay rise.
If your boss thinks you can just reply to emails, use the printer, photocopier and coffee machine then you can expect to be overtaken by your peers.
Most companies have training budgets and like to invest in their staff.
Be proactive and take a step forward today!

In this course you will learn about and gain hands-on experience with MySQL and the SQL (Structured Query Language) in general.
With GDPR inforcement improving and RansomWare greatly on the rise, you need to care about how you collect, store and transfer consumer personal data between your corporate computers and devices.
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Training Courses
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