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LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. These four technologies, when installed on an Internet enabled computer, allow you to provide any kind of secure and reliable network based system. We are specialists in creating bespoke and secure LAMP based software systems.

  • Linux - an operating system (eg Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Apache - a web server (eg Apache (Tomcat), IIS, Nginx)
  • MySQL - a database (eg MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Adabas, DB2, VSAM, PostgreSQL)
  • PHP - a server-side scripting language (allows dynamic content)

Senior LAMP Developers

We only employ LAMP Developers with at least 5 years experience, who are extremely competent in all areas of LAMP and Internet security. No matter what your project any member of our LAMP team will comfortably be able to handle all areas of your project, whether it be extremely secure high performance mathematically intensive / dynamic graphics creation / 3rd party interfacing / or data streaming applications for all PC / mobile / PDA / tablet / TV hardware. Feel free to ask for examples of our work and references.

LAMP Developer Rates

We offer fixed price quotes for projects and daily / hourly rates for ongoing retainers / adhoc contract work.

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