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Every web-page delivered to a web-browser & search engine has both visible and invisible information. The visible information is the HTML. The invisible information is the "Header" information. The "Header" precedes the HTML (web-page code). The HTTP consists of a Header and then HTML. When you click "View Source" in your web-browser you see the HTML code; the Header information is hidden from sight. The search engine sees this HTTP Header information. This HTTP Header information tells the search engine and web-browser when the web-page was last edited and when it Expires; also what kind of web-server is hosting the website. If not careful the information provided in the HTTP Headers can aid hackers, and tell search engines not to bother indexing your web-pages. Header information also tells ISPs and web-browsers whether to cache the web-page. It is important to disable caching of pages with dynamic information (like auction/eCommerce websites), while having it enabled for basic information pages is good as it reduced your bandwidth costs.


The If-Modified-Since HTTP header allows a web bot to ask your web server to return the web resource or simply say "Not Modified". The web bot tells you when it last saw your resource, and you get to say "Not Modified" hence saving you and the bot time and bandwidth = money!.

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HTTP Header Analysis

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HTTP Header Analysis
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