Training Course - Data Security in 2020, Vilnius

With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enforcement improving and RansomWare greatly on the rise, you need to care about how you collect, store and transfer consumer personal data between your corporate computers and devices.

This course will show you how insecure cheap technologies like Cloud storage, password protected ZIP files, password protected Excel files, Gmail, YahooMail... are in the modern world; a complete open book for any professional hacker.

This course will teach you a variety of very simply working practices to greatly reduce your risk from RansomWare hackers / bots, and to secure any consumer related data you store.

You will be shown just how fast a case-sensitive 50 character username with 50 character password, even with special characters, can be found using a modern CPU / GPU. You will be left knowing that those credentials that take 60 seconds to type offer zero protection against baddies, and simply slow down those in your organisation.

You will be shown how insecure VPN, SSH, FTP and SMB 3 technologies are, if used "out-of-the-box".

We will cover storage, end-of-life, backups, physical location of storage, physical access to the hardware, and the rights of the consumer to ask for data deletion at any time. We'll look at various encryption methods like Hardware and Software encryption and cryptos like AES-192, AES-256 and much more secure algorithms (including those illegal in France and the USA).

Would you even know if your data had been compromised?.

You will be shown techniques for logging data security breaches, and the logging of every access to a file (each time a copy is taken), and every successful decryption of the file.

A Course covering EU Law, and the technical considerations you need to adopt on every one of your digital projects.

Call any time: +370 683 77 590 (Lithuania)

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Vilnius Training Course - Data Security in 2020
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