There is however a difference between Internet Explorer and other browsers. This page tries to simply explain these differences so that you can build webpages that are both W3C compliant and render
Both one and two dimensional barcodes are common place in industries; it depends on your application as to which to use
Every website we create is W3C and WAI-AAA compliant as standard ensuring that your website renders as designed on every web-enabled device (PC or mobile phone)
We produce optimised websites using website optimisation UK techniques to ensure that your website lists highly in the search engines without having to pay for Sponsored Links.
tapping into this growing market early could be a business differentiator for your company, and really give you the edge over your competition
Link Email Tracking with analytics like mobileSTATS and see on your mobile phone who to call while they are looking at your website
We create CD's / DVD's that when inserted into a computer automatically run full screen flash presentations to demonstrate your products and services
The most cost effective way to optimise your website for the search engines to improve your search engine rankings is to purchase an Optimised Content Management System.
Mobile Phone Data Access
Short Links with 2D Barcodes and Analytics
We write bespoke webware systems and offer consultancy services to businesses looking to utilise webware technologies to improve accessibility to information and increase their productivity.
Software As A Service (SaaS) is the term used to describe software that is hosted on a server connected to the Internet.
If you have an idea involving Facebook, and need one of the 650,000 Facebook registered developers to implement it, we are the company for you
provide any kind of secure and reliable network based system. We are specialists in creating bespoke and secure LAMP based software systems
Vector graphics is a way of producing artwork that can be scaled to any size without any loss in quality. If we produce a vector graphic you can print it on the largest canvases, use on websites, presentations, anywhere you wish
Although modern browsers support any font hosted on a website, older browsers only support fonts that are installed on the operating system (platform) used to view the website. Here are a list of web safe font families you should choose from
WebGL is a 3D Graphics Library technology that brings game quality graphics into the web browser. Lighting, textures, keyboard / mouse control, multi-player, advanced physics
Our WebGL department is now offering WebGL Website solutions for forward thinking companies wanting a 3D interactive website
Ransomware is kind of like a virus; annoying software that encrypts your files and demands that you pay to recover them.</p> <p>As experts in data encryption, we sometimes get contracted to recover decrypted files.
Everyone with access can see the progress and current status of each job, allowing your staff to automatically unite and work through jobs seemlessly, without the need to interrupt their manager
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