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A vCard (or Versitcard) is an electronic standard for mobile phone contact cards. When sent a vCard by SMS, BlueTooth, Wifi, or Infrared, your mobile phone knows to save the contact details as an entry in your mobile phone address book. That's fine if you want to send and receive a business card mobile to mobile, but what about the every day situation of just quickly wanting to grab the details of a new contact.

Being experts in image recognition and mobile technologies we are able to produce 2D Barcodes, that when viewed using your mobile phone's built in camera, results in all the contact details being passed directly to your handset - no need to enter the details by hand using the tiny keypad and then check what you have entered.

A vCard barcode typically holds: name, telephone number and email address of the contact; it can hold a lot more information if required like website, company name...

We offer vCard barcodes in both QR Code and Data Matrix format (like the one shown below). You can print these on business cards, flyers, websites... anywhere you think people might quickly want to grab your details.

There are now over 300 types of mobile phone handset that either have an in-built barcode reader or support one of the many freely available barcode readers. You can get a free reader by pointing your mobile phone web browser at:, OR

vCard Barcode
vCard Barcode Generator
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vCard 2.1 Barcode Generation

The above vCard can be read and processed without access to the Internet. Most modern mobile phones can however access the Internet, so a small barcode can be used to carry much more information; the fully expanded contact details of a person. Now although a barcode like the one above could handle the increase in data, the physical size of the code would have to increase. This not only reduces the number of handsets that can handle reading the code, but also takes up more room to print. If you want a 2.1 or 3.0 version vCard we suggest the use of Scan2Read barcodes like the one below. Note: If you want your vCards to support a Photo of you / a company Logo then you need to use version 3.0. The price of all our vCard barcodes is the same as above.

vCard Barcode Generator

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