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Published: 2012-01-14 at 00:15:04

Check your website supports the If-Modified-Since HTTP header used by search engine bots to greatly reduce bandwidth costs and server load.

The If-Modified-Since header allows a web bot to tell your web server the date it last accessed the URL. Your web server can simply respond with a "304 Not Modified" HTTP Header, instead of having to return the entire web page / image.

This saves you money in bandwidth costs. It also shows the search engine that you are bot friendly.

ForBrains have a free to use, online HTTP Header analyser you can use to check your website. The results it shows are both suitable to people with little web knowledge, and those who require the low level information in order to upgrade web server configurations and software. For more information please visit our dedicated page: or if you already know about HTTP headers you can use the tool directly below:

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