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Optimized Websites

Optimized Websites and Website Optimization All websites we produce are fully optimized and built using website optimization techniques. Our methods ensure that your website lists highly in the search engines without you paying for Sponsored Links.

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What is an Optimized Website?

Optimized Websites and Website OptimizationAn optimized website is a website that targets people searching for particular things in a search engine. It is a website that has been optimized for particular search terms using website optimization techniques. The website is fully Standards Compliant which ensures it renders and functions as expected on all Internet enabled devices.

How do I make use of Website Optimization UK?

Optimized Websites and Website OptimizationA good website is optimized for the things you sell and the services you provide. You know your business, you know what you sell and what you don't. The optimization of your website will promote your business across the Internet allowing your cliental to view information about you at all times.

What does an Optimized Website do?

Optimized Websites and Website Optimization
An optimized website gets you on the first page of search engines in the Natural Listings section; ie without any ongoing costs from Cost Per Click campaigns. Without an optimized website you have to pay the search engine providers to show a link to your website as a "Sponsored Link" using CPC / PPC.

Optimized Website - Long term web strategy

If you are looking for a cost effective, long term web solution for your business, an optimized website is what you need.

Our Optimized Website USA Services

Optimized Websites and Website Optimization Optimized Websites and Website Optimization

How We Build Optimized Websites

We never sacrifice quality, we always work professionally and in a timely manner, we never introduce extra charges and always deliver on-time. We walk you through the entire process on day one and don't disappear once the job is done.

Initial Conversation & Online Demo

  1. Understand your website requirements and the purpose of your website
  2. Find existing websites you like the look of to get design ideas
  3. Show you our optimized website content management system solution
  4. Give you an indicative price and timescale for delivery
  5. Arrange a follow up call to allow us to perform some online research in your market area and prepare a quote

Market Research and Quote

Optimized Websites and Website Optimization
  1. We analyse your online competition
  2. Identify search phrases that will bring in the most relevant traffic to your website
  3. Identify available Top Level Domain names (TLDs) for your consideration
  4. Provide you with a detailed quote detailing setup costs, renewal costs and timescales

Follow up Conversation

  1. We will run through with you the findings of our research
  2. Run through the quote and discuss each item to clarify everything is included in writing
  3. Explain the items of work, timescales, and schedule a call from one of our Website Designers

W3C Optimized Website Design

Optimized Websites and Website Optimization

We only employ experienced senior website designers who are happy to call you at a time suitable for you (even in the evenings or weekends) and run through various site designs. They will rapidly iterate towards the exact look you are seeking - while you are on the telephone looking at your computer screen. Any large items of graphics work will be done after the phone call. Once the designer has draft versions of any artwork they will call you straight back to get your feedback. The entire web design process typically takes between 1 and 4 hours. This may not sound like a lot, but you are dealing with specialists with years of experience in their field. The designer will make you a W3C compliant website template that will render (work) in all the major browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome & Opera) and Internet enabled mobile devices.

Content and Additional Functionality

Once you have all the images and text for your website (unless you ask us to produce a complete website for you) you send them to us by email (or CD/DVD for large sites) and we will populate your website and add any additional functionality you require. This phrase of the project typically takes between 30 minutes and 4 hours. Again, this may not sound like a lot, but we have the software already developed, tried, tested, deployed and ready to roll.

Optimized Websites and Website Optimization

Each page of your website is optimized, validated and spell checked as entered into the system. We only employ very experienced programmers with years of experience in search engine optimization techniques, artificial intelligence, PHP, Flex, C++, distributed data processing, payment gateway integration...

Sign-off and Search Engine Submission

Once we believe your website is complete we will run through each page of your website with you and make any required changes. When you are fully happy with your website we will submit it to the major search engines: google, yahoo, bing...

Every one of our systems come with RSS feeds and Sitemaps as standard. We will be able to give you indicative timescales as to when your website will list in each of the search engines. You will have already seen our easy to use Optimized Content Management admin area that allows you to change the content of your website. It has drop down Help on every page of the system, but we will give you full training on how to use it and how to create new fully optimized webpages to expand your website.

Website Optimization UK Performance Reviews

Optimized Websites and Website Optimization

All websites we produce are reviewed each week for the first 12 weeks to keep them live and moving up the search engine rankings. After this 12 week period we review websites every 4 weeks as standard. We will keep you informed regarding your search engine rankings, and propose changes to improve your rankings where identified (maybe as a result of a competitor changing their website).

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